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What a sampling of clients have already said about Beandrea’s work:

Almost a week later my body has responded so well to your deep, healing, and gentle touch. I didn’t realize I needed a healing until you gave me one. More limber-responsive & alert am I. Thank you! -Joan Reynolds, Sausalito, CA

Beandrea uses a method of extension of one’s limbs that feels natural and relaxed, but informative. I am still receiving wisdom from my happy animal body as to what lead me to become tense and tight. Beandrea provides a warm and safe environment, and considerate care. It is not so much healing performed on a person, but healing education from within the person. Thank you! -Lissa Dirrim, Oakland, CA

After my massage with Beandrea, the pain I felt in my leg eased itself out of my body. I felt less harried and much more grounded. Beandrea has a calm, professional and solid presence. -Marilyn Jensen, El Cerritto, CA

Beandrea is a very thoughtful and generous body worker, paying attention to me from the moment I walked in to the moment I left. Her touch is both firm and healing at the same time. She also creates a tranquil environment with soothing music, a cozy room temperature, and inviting decor. I’m going back to her. -Juanita Brown, San Francisco, CA

Gentle, nurturing, skillful – the massage I received from Beandrea was both calming and energizing. Her presence is respectful and healing, and as a certified yoga teacher she is knowledgeable about anatomy and flexibility issues. – Mushim Ikeda-Nash, Oakland, CA

I have never received a massage such as this. With the gentle rocking of my limbs and the long, integrative strokes, I pictured my bones, and I heard from within, “These bones shall live!” Tears of joy trickled forth telling me the massage also connected with a place deep inside. -Dolores Nice-Siegenthaler, Oakland, Ca

Beandrea created such a relaxing, wholistic and comforting massage experience. From the claw-tub bath to start, to the deeply connected massage, to the swaddled end, I felt aligned and cared for at every moment. Get some. -Adrienne Marie Brown, Oakland, CA

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